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Belize Investment
& Finance Forum 2023

The Belize Investment & Finance Forum (“BIF”) is now in it’s 7th Annual Showcase. 

•This event is brought to you by the Belize American Chamber of Commerce (“The BACC Inc.”) headquartered in South FL USA. The BACC along with its strategic partners & corporate/community members, such as the local 102-year-old Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry (“BCCI”), Southwest AirlinesBAKER Concrete, & RIA, LLC, and a few other partners to be named …
Together in collaboration, we proudly invite the general public, especially to the Diaspora Community of Belize within the United States, and honorary Friends of Belize according to their generosity & commitment to the continued development of Belize [Real Estate, Infrastructure etc.]
BIF 2023 is a proud continuation of the recent one held fall of last year in Washington DC for “National Caribbean American Heritage Month”; however this year’s BIF now journeys to Wall Street in Manhattan, New York, on Friday, June 23rd, from 12noon – 2pm EST, at the New York Marriott Downtown, located 85 West Street at Albany Street, New York, NY, 10006, which is only a 7-minute walk from Wall Street itself. 
Join Us! as we continue our efforts to Launch Belize’s First Financial Institution within US Jurisdiction, i.e. the Belize American Credit Union (the B.A.C.U.) an initiative also supported by the 78-year-old Holy Redeemer Credit Union (“HRCU”) institution in Belize, as well as the intended Belize Investment & Development Fund (“BIFF II”) licensed & operated by our new strategic investment banking partner Oppenheimer.
Listen to Special Presentations by Official Leaders & Executives from both the Public & Private Sectors directly from Belize, as well as here in the United States
Belize Investment & Finance Forum